PhD program in Systems and Computational Biology

Any observable or measurable emergent property of a biological system is much more than the mere “sum” of the individual properties of interacting components in that system and this fundamental dogma of biology which was largely overlooked by the reductionist view of biological research has, in the recent times, increasingly been adopted by biologists all over the globe. It has become imperative that any successful study whether it is related to uncovering fundamental aspects of living cells, or development of therapeutic regimes for life threatening diseases such as cancers, infectious disease etc, should necessarily involve wholistic or systems approach. Keeping in view of the global demand for highly trained system and computational biologists, the Department of Systems and Computational Biology (DoSCB), School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad, has introduced PhD programme in systems and computational biology. This programme is poised to train students in some of the topical and core areas of systems and computational biology.

Some of the research topics that are being pursued by the faculty of this department are as follows:

Further details pertaining to the department, its faculty members, their expertise, publications etc are available at the departmental website: