UARE Internship programme

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Mandira Choppella, Rachita Dash, and Sarthak Satpathy, all students of 3rd year IMSc Systems Biology, have been selected for the University of Alberta Research Experience (UARE) Internship Programme. The duration of the program is from May to July 2019, at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

Mandira Choppella will be working in the lab of Prof John Seubert at the Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences, where she will be studying the role of novel epoxylipids in mediating cell survival.

Rachita Dash will be working in the lab of Prof Robert Campbell at the Dept of Chemistry, where she will be working on genetically encoded fluorescent indicators for insulin.

Sarthak Satpathy will be working in the lab of Dr Yan Yuan at the School of Public Health, where he will be working on applying biostatistical methods in public health and biomedical data.

Department of Systems and Computational Biology congratulates them and wish them All the best!